Rotterdam Day 3

Today we visited the towns of Delft and Kinderdijk (pronounced Kinderdyke). In Delft we had an hour to roam about the town and get a cup of coffee. When the church opened at 10am we got our tickets and began to climb the 370 steps to the top of the steeple. From the roughly 100 [...]

Rotterdam Day 2

Today we had an optional trip to The Hague, which I chose to miss to catch up on sleep. We had a few hours free in which I went with a group of guys from the trip to do a wine tasting at a local shop followed by lunch at the Markthal, a local market [...]

Rotterdam Day 1

We arrived to Rotterdam today and after checking in to the hotel had a few hours free to rest or explore the city. After this free period we departed for our food tour which consisted of a tour of the city with various stops to try traditional Dutch cuisine. Our first stop was a stand [...]

Hamburg Day 3

Today we took a walking tour of the city and saw the nicer areas that Hamburg had to offer. There was a beautiful lake on the Alistair river and the town hall was a sight to behold. After our tour we went to see the steeple of St. Nikoli Church and the miniature wonderland. The [...]

Hamburg Day 2

Today we went to Landungsbrücken, or the jetties, and boarded a boat for a tour of the port. We stopped for 2 hours on this tour and we were able to choose between going to the Maritime Museum or the Prototyp museum. I chose to tour the Prototyp museum and was able to see many [...]

Hamburg Day 1

Today we arrived to Hamburg via a train from Prague. After getting checked in to the hotel we went to the Reeperbahn which was established after the war primarily for American troops stationed nearby to entertain themselves of the weekends. In the 60’s the area was one of the first places the Beatle’s became popular. [...]

Prague Day 3

Today is the last day we have in Prague. Tomorrow morning we depart for Hamburg via train. The train ride should be about 6 hours. Today started with an early morning walk to a nearby laundromat to clean the clothes I have worn so far. We had an optional lunch that I wasn’t able to [...]

Prague Day 2

Today, the morning started with a guided walking tour of the city. I was amazing to see different historic buildings around the city and to realize how old some of the structures I saw yesterday really are. During this tour we also had about an hour to go through the Museum of Communism and see [...]

Prague Day 1

Today we arrived in Prague after a 4-5 hour bus ride from Munich. After getting checked into the hotel we had a few hours of free time to roam the city. In this time I was able to find an ATM to get money out, although I made the mistake of using one at the [...]

Munich Day 3

Today we took a tour of the Allianz Arena, the home arena of FC Bayern München. We were also able to visit the museum at the stadium before departing for a few hours of free time. I wen with a few others from the group to find a soccer pitch to play for a few [...]