Rotterdam Day 1

We arrived to Rotterdam today and after checking in to the hotel had a few hours free to rest or explore the city. After this free period we departed for our food tour which consisted of a tour of the city with various stops to try traditional Dutch cuisine. Our first stop was a stand selling fries topped with peanut sauce (warm peanut butter essentially), mayo, and onion. I know it sounds like an odd combination but it was delicious. Next we tried fresh stroopwafel which was delicious. Our next stop was at a small snack stand for kroket, or croquette, which is a type of fried dumpling. Our last stop for food was a famous sandwich shop serving chicken curry sandwiches. We then boarded a water taxi to take us to our las location. The views of the city from the water taxi were amazing. Our last stop was a small restaurant/ bar where we had the choice of three local beers. I had the IPA which had a very pleasant grapefruit taste to it. Overall, Rotterdam is much more modern than some of the other cities when it comes to architecture but it is beautiful nonetheless.