Rotterdam Day 3

Today we visited the towns of Delft and Kinderdijk (pronounced Kinderdyke). In Delft we had an hour to roam about the town and get a cup of coffee. When the church opened at 10am we got our tickets and began to climb the 370 steps to the top of the steeple. From the roughly 100 meter tall steeple we we able to see the town of Delft below and Rotterdam was visible in the distance. After descending from the tower we had the chance to walk through the main hall of the church which contains the burial vaults of the royal family. After this we returned to the bus to continue to Kinderdijk where there are several 16th and 17th century windmills that are still used to this day either for display or several seemed to have individuals still active living in them. This concluded our tours for the day. This evening we will have our final group dinner and prepare for our return flights home for many, or the continuation of our travels around the world for some.