Prague Day 2

Today, the morning started with a guided walking tour of the city. I was amazing to see different historic buildings around the city and to realize how old some of the structures I saw yesterday really are. During this tour we also had about an hour to go through the Museum of Communism and see what it was like I. Czechoslovakia under Communist rule. This museum was a sobering reminder that many of the people we had interacted with throughout the city had been suffering under a communist regime only roughly 30 years prior. After the Museum of Communism, we continued our tour to visit the Charles bridge where we were able to touch the image of St. John of Nepomuk which is supposed to bring good fortune. The tour concluded at the September 11th memorial located below the Charles bridge. After the conclusion of our tour, we again had free time. This time I, along with several others, made our way to the Prague Castle which sits atop a large hill. There were wonderful views of the city below from the castle as well as the gorgeous St. Vitus Cathedral. The next stop was Petrin Hill which was a long, tiring climb to the top. Upon reaching the summit I was able to ascend the Petrin Tower which affords unparalleled panoramic views of Prague.

Memorial to St. John Nepomuk
View from Prague Castle
St. Vitus Cathedral
The view from Petrin Tower.
Another beautiful view from Petrin Tower.