JVieth Rotterdam Day 3: Delft & Ancient Windmills of Kinderdyke

I really enjoyed Delft. It felt like a better glimpse of what living a life in the Netherlands could look like. It was a beautiful town. Everything felt small, calm, routine, and at home. I stopped in a cafe and had a waffle and cappuccino. Then we checked out the old windmills. My favorite part [...]

JVieth Rotterdam (& Hague) Day 2: Art, Bikes, Futbol

We went to an art museum in Hague this morning! There hosts the “Girl with a Peal Earring” painting and many other famous art pieces. I actually did not care for the famous pieces that were there. I appreciate realism and luminism qualities in art the most. The museum had many interesting paintings about Christianity [...]

JVieth Rotterdam Day 1: Food Tour!

We took a tour of the city. The architecture in this city is like none other. Every skyscraper looks like a piece of art that contributes to an interesting skyline collection. Everything here feels new and modern. Like the city of the future. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists feel like they all have their own equal [...]

JVieth Hamburg Day 3: Futbol, Food, and Fires

Today we took a walking tour of the country. Our guide was super informative! Here were my favorite takeaways: This city has been through a lot. A large fire burnt large portions of the city in the 19th century. They rebuild and in the 20th century WW2 took out large portions of the city from [...]

JVieth Hamburg Day 2: Bridges & Boats

Today we tested my motion sickness once again by throwing me on a boat. The ports were very large and impressive. It was interesting to see how we transport our goods over seas. I learned that Hamburg is the city with the second most brides, which makes since because the city is full off rivers [...]

JVieth Hamburg Day 1: Transit

We spent the day traveling from Prague to Hamburg by train. It is a very cool concept being able to travel by train everywhere here. I would really like to see the US adopt more high speed rail in my lifetime. Hamburg reminds me much of the US. They seem to do their zoning similarly. [...]

JVieth Prague Day 3

Last full day here. I went on a early morning run with Tanner and we went from the hotel to the top of the Petrin Park. So I have made that hike twice now... We took a trip to the Skoda museum. No tour of the factory though. I believe this is due to the [...]

JVieth Prague Day 2

We ventured out and took a tour of the city. There are so many beautiful towers, churches, buildings to admire down ever street. Me, Austin, and Spencer hiked up to the Pertin Tower. We took the steep shortcuts and the hike was brutal. On our way up there were many young women reading, talking to [...]

JVieth Prague Day 1

Today we left Munich for Prague. The bus ride was 6 hours and I slept 95% of it, and every once and a while woke up to see the beautiful countryside. We arrived in Prague and my jaw hit the floor. The architecture is so amazing. There are many towers and churches. The streets are [...]

JVieth Day 3 in Munich

Today we traveled to Bayern Munich Futbol Club's arena (pic 1). After that some of us felt inspired to play some futbol ourselves and went to the park for a small 3v2. I then explored the city and bought wine with Tanner (pics 2&3). We then ate at Marsfeld where I had the mixed platter [...]