JVieth Hamburg Day 3: Futbol, Food, and Fires

Today we took a walking tour of the country. Our guide was super informative! Here were my favorite takeaways:

  1. This city has been through a lot. A large fire burnt large portions of the city in the 19th century. They rebuild and in the 20th century WW2 took out large portions of the city from bombing raids.
  2. All tap water in Germany is potable. It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, you have clean drinking water. I think that is amazing and needs to be a major goal in all 1st world nations.
  3. They have good food. I went to the peer and we had some great seafood and roasted nuts. Everyone was out and about today, eating at the local cafes.
  4. It was an industrial city, but seems to me like they are bushing factories out and business and entertainment in. The ports however are staying for good.

After the tour we went to a local bar and watched the futbol game. I jumped up and cheered really load for the wrong team. Unfortunately I got confused because both teams have the same EXACT colors. So I got a lot of dirty looks that night. I feel like I am missing something but I will leave this post at that.

I ran out of storage so no pictures this round 🙁 sorry.