JVieth Hamburg Day 2: Bridges & Boats

Today we tested my motion sickness once again by throwing me on a boat. The ports were very large and impressive. It was interesting to see how we transport our goods over seas. I learned that Hamburg is the city with the second most brides, which makes since because the city is full off rivers branching off from one another. I was confused how a city surrounded by water burnt down so dramatically. I found it very interesting to see buildings that had pullies and hooks at the top of them. What are now pedestrian streets were once canals. The pullies were used to dirrectly move goods off the boats and into the buildings.

We spent some time in a very impressive boat museum. It was 9 stories tall and I feel like I could have spent an hour on each floor. I was blown away by the level of innovation that went into boats over time. It was also interesting to see how different cultures built their battleships. Asian ships were very dangerous and were also build with much beauty. The different styles and innovation from different cultures was eye opening. Then over time, technology improves, communication improves, and everyone’s ships look the same.