JVieth Rotterdam (& Hague) Day 2: Art, Bikes, Futbol

We went to an art museum in Hague this morning! There hosts the “Girl with a Peal Earring” painting and many other famous art pieces. I actually did not care for the famous pieces that were there. I appreciate realism and luminism qualities in art the most. The museum had many interesting paintings about Christianity and Science. Like the “controversial” Jesus’ decent into limbo before rising to haven, bloodletting, and early anatomy. Hague also had interesting architecture where old and new styles met each other in one town.

We took a bike toor! I LOVE biking, so this was a great trip for me. Something I love so so much about the Netherlands and German is the bike infrastructure. I would love to come back to Europe just to bike across the entire country with my girlfriend. The infrastructure here has me upset that I have to return home where EVERYWHERE I go I am reliant on cars as my only form of transportation. Nothing around me is walkable, bike-able, or has sufficient public transit. I want to help change this in the future. There was also a really cool bike elevator and tunnel to move across the town very quickly. Like a bicycle highway.

There was a huge soccer game today. I was in central station when the fans arrived. They got off the trains drinking and singing through the streets. You could hear them gather and cheer from across the city. During the game they were chanting and throwing their drinks in the air. Fans were lighting flairs during the game. Unfortunately they lost and everyone was upset. Fans fought, lit mortars in the crowds, lit flares. People were running in the streets to avoid these individuals. Not even the Super Bowl matched this intensity. There is nothing to compare this atmosphere in the US. Also I embarrassed myself by taking an interview during the game and you could here people lighting fireworks and screening in the background.