Germany Day 7

This was officially our last day in our Germany trip. We started the day by visiting the Munich Royal Palace with a tour guide, which explained to us the how, the why, and the who of many parts of the castle. My favorite part of the Palace Tour was to see the culture and traditions [...]

Germany Day 6

This day took a lot of unexpected turns for me. Today I was supposed to go the Bayern Allianz Stadium and the Dachau concentration camp. I woke up at 3AM feeling very badly. Took some medicine but did not seemed to work. After an hour, I decided to call the professor and we decided I [...]

Germany Day 5

This was the day I was excited the most in the trip. After leaving Reutlingen very early, we arrived at Munich at around 11:30. We walked for a little bit and used the metro system, which is one of the things I like the most about Germany. Everyone here is extremely disciplined, and the walkways, [...]

Germany Day 4

Today we spent the day with the University of Reutlingen in their werk150 workshop. Once we arrived to the University, they gave us a lecture about AI, and also another lecture about BlockChain. The BlockChain lecture was very interesting, but if I had to choose, I would choose the AI lecture. After the lectures were [...]

Day 3 Germany

Today, we met each other around 7AM in the morning with our bags packed. Then we headed into the amazing Mercedes Benz factory. This gigantic factory had one of Mercedes’ most special buildings, their Tech Center, where they innovate and design their cars. We also had the opportunity to see a one of one Mercedes [...]

Germany Trip Day 2

Today was probably the second day I was excited the most about. We left the hotel around 9:30 and walked a little bit to where a hop on-hop-off bus was waiting for us and toured Stuttgart. Through an automated guide, I learned a lot about the rich culture and traditions that surround Stuttgart. After the [...]

Germany Day 1

The group gathered together at around 4:45PM and we set off with our tour guide to walk around the beautiful city of Stuttgart. For me, the most interesting part of the tour was the Grosses Haus Theater. It is a beautiful theater and in front it there is a statue that is made after a [...]