Germany Trip Day 2

Today was probably the second day I was excited the most about. We left the hotel around 9:30 and walked a little bit to where a hop on-hop-off bus was waiting for us and toured Stuttgart. Through an automated guide, I learned a lot about the rich culture and traditions that surround Stuttgart. After the bus was done, we finally went to the Porsche Factory. Being a guy that loves cars, I was extremely excited to visit it. Once we got in, we toured every part of the Assembly Line and the Upholstery Stations. The thing that shocked me the most was that I had the luck to saw how a special edition sports car was made, a Porsche 911 Dakar in Shade Mettalic Green. It was so amazing to see how a special car is made in the factory. Another thing that shocked me was the fact that they make them as fast as any other 911 or 718, to me that represent the amount of care and detail Porsche has over all of their cars, not only the special ones. In the Upholstery area, it was incredible to see how precise the leather quality control is. The leather must be in perfect condition, or its thrown away and used for other types of products. After this, I went to the souvenier store, went back to the hotel, and dinned in a great restaurant down the street. I also went to the Stuttgart Market, where I had an amazing cheese and tried German ham, which was also amazing.

-Diego Fernandez