Germany Day 5

This was the day I was excited the most in the trip. After leaving Reutlingen very early, we arrived at Munich at around 11:30. We walked for a little bit and used the metro system, which is one of the things I like the most about Germany. Everyone here is extremely disciplined, and the walkways, metro stations, and the metro itself is very nice, clean, and easy to use. Not to mention its basically free. After getting to the hotel, we set off to BMW, which, for me, was a dream come true. Unfortunately due to a staff shortage, we were not able to see the factory, but we did went to the Museum. I have always been a fan of BMW, and so does my father. In the museum I saw a lot of historic cars and motorcycles. They also had a lot of engines in display, which was amazing. I also had the opportunity to see one of my favorite cars in the world, the 2011 M3 GTS. There are only 150 units of them in the world. I never thought I was able going to see one. After the BMW Museum tour, we had a great dinner at the end of the day.

Diego Fernandez