Germany Day 6

This day took a lot of unexpected turns for me. Today I was supposed to go the Bayern Allianz Stadium and the Dachau concentration camp. I woke up at 3AM feeling very badly. Took some medicine but did not seemed to work. After an hour, I decided to call the professor and we decided I needed to see a doctor. Around 6:30AM, I took a taxi that took me to a nearby hospital, called Hôpital Rechts der Isar. In here, I went to the emergency door, and they were quick to find someone that spoke my native language, Spanish. After she helped me filled out the first forms, she talked to me about how hospitals in Germany are different from the ones in the US. After this, I waited for a doctor to be available, and they made sure my doctors speak either English or Spanish. I know it sounds bad being sick, but it was crazy to see how the medical systems varies from Europe to the US. They have different procedures, tools, medicine, everything. After I was treated by 2 great, patient, and awesome doctors for about 2 to 3 hours, I was cleared to go home with some prescript medicine. After I left, I went to a pharmacy near the hotel, where a Spanish speaking person told me how to take the medication. The medicine here is more affordable than in a regular US pharmacy. After this, I went back to the hotel, took my meds, and rested as much as I could. The professors helped me with everything and I am very grateful to them with the amount of attention and care they took of me. I got in touch with other students from the trip and they told me everything that they saw and learned about the stadium and the concentration camp.

Diego Fernandez