Day 5: Reutlingen/Munich

After an early morning walk to the Reutlingen HBF, we boarded a train back to Stuttgart, and then onwards to Munich. After we dropped our stuff at the hotel, we headed to the Olympic Park area of Munich, but more importantly to the BMW headquarters and museum. This was one of the absolute highlights of the trip for me. My grandpa drives a 1995 500, and despite it’s mechanical shortcomings, he still loves it. It was a little funny seeing the same car in a museum! The BMW showroom was absolutely awesome. Maybe owning a BMW is a goal to shoot for…

We headed from the BMW showroom to the Olympic Park. I enjoyed seeing the famous Aquatics center and Olympiastadion. On a more somber note, we also spent a lot of time at the memorial of the 1972 hostage crisis at the Munich games. I hadn’t really known the full story before this, but I think this memorial really brought weight to the events of that day. It was an important moment in history, one we are still feeling the effects of today.

On a more cheery note, we headed that night to the famous Hofbrahaus. Some of my favorite parts of this were easily the polka band and the pretzel lady. I loved just walking around and seeing all the different rooms. We sat right next to the kitchen, which was a fun operation to watch. I had so much fun here and wished I could have stayed longer.

Today was an awesome day in Munich, and one of the best days of the trip.