Day 12 (Rotterdam day 3) Final day

Today was our last day in Rotterdam and the last day of our trip before we head back home to America. To start our we took a tour bus to a small dutch town called Delft where we were able to climb up the church tower to get some amazing views of the city. While [...]

Day 11 (Rotterdam day 2)

Today was a very busy day as several of us went on the optional trip to Hague where we were able to see several of their politicians similar to our cabinet members in the US. While there we also went to the famous Mauritshuis art museum where the famous girl with the pearl earring is [...]

Day 10 (Rotterdam day 1)

Today we left our hotel in Hamburg at 8:45 making our way to our last stop Rotterdam. Ounce we arrived in Rotterdam around 4 PM the group had some free time before meeting back up for our walking food tour. While on the tour we were able to try many different dutch foods like fries [...]

Day 9 (Hamburg day 3)

Today was our final day in Hamburg Germany. We started our day by taking a walking tour around the city getting to see all the beautiful city including the US Consulate and several churches like St. Michaelis. After the tour we made our way to the Miniatur Wunderland which was very cool. Being as in [...]

Day 8 ( Hamburg day 2)

Today we started out by having a wonderful breakfast at our hotel. Before making our way to the subway to head to the port of Hamburg for a boat boat tour around the port. Which was neat getting to see all the cargo ships with cargo bins stacked as high as 25 bins high. Also [...]

Day 7 (Hamburg Day 1)

Today we traveled for about six hours via a bullet train from Prague to Hamburg. Which was very interesting and much like being on plane. After the group arrived in Hamburg we went to the Reaper Ban and got a tour from a local. Where the Beatles first became popular. After the tour several of [...]

Day 6 (Prague day 3)

Today was our last full day in Prague which started later to allow for people to do laundry if needed. The group first met at 11:30 for lunch before getting on a tour bus and going to Mlada Boleslav where the Skoda plant is located. However we were unable to tour the plant as in [...]

Day 5 (Prague Day 2)

Today we statted off by touring the city with a guide who showed us around before making our way to the Cold War museum. Which was neat but sad seeing everyone who had to suffer through communism during that time. After we went to the Charles bridge and several of the beautiful churches that where [...]

Day 4 (Prague day 1)

Today we left Munich Germany and made our way via bus on the Autobahn. It was neat to travel on especially since unlike the US there is no speed limit. Upon arriving in Prague we toured the cold war museum that was in the basement of the Jalta hotel built in the lat 50s for [...]

Day 3 in Munich Germany

Today we went to the Allianz football stadium and learned about their history. I learned that the stadium holds around 75000 people and that tickets are very affordable for the residents and fans. I also found out that they strategically place away fans in the top right corners of the stadium so they can’t be [...]