Day 11 (Rotterdam day 2)

Today was a very busy day as several of us went on the optional trip to Hague where we were able to see several of their politicians similar to our cabinet members in the US. While there we also went to the famous Mauritshuis art museum where the famous girl with the pearl earring is located worth about $30 million the last time it was sold. For our next excursion of the day we met back up with the rest of the group and went on a bike tour of Rotterdam’s port which was very neat but windy. To conclude the day four of us bought tickets to Amsterdam and got to experience what it was like walking down many streets while finding some interesting places to say the least.

Pictures in Hague

Mauritshuis art museum

Paintings from Mauritshuis art museum

The girl with the pearl earring

Pictures while on the bike tour

Pictures while in Amsterdam