Day 12 (Rotterdam day 3) Final day

Today was our last day in Rotterdam and the last day of our trip before we head back home to America. To start our we took a tour bus to a small dutch town called Delft where we were able to climb up the church tower to get some amazing views of the city. While we were there they were setting up for a bike race which was very neat to see how they prepare for big events. Next, we got back on the tour bus and went to see the Kinderdijk windmills built in the 18th century for maintaining the water level of the polders which I found interesting. Lastly, later today we have our COVID tests for returning to the US and one last dinner to say farewell to Europe or at least until next time. I have truly enjoyed my time here in Europe especially with this group and all the new friends I have made all thanks to Purdue for this wonderful opportunity.

Pictures from Delft

Pictures at the Kinderdijk windmills