Day 1 5-15-2022

Take off on the 14th was from Indianapolis to a short layover in Atlanta, and from there, it was a long flight from Atlanta to Munich. It was a joy and a relief to look down over the wing and see the city and country laid out beneath us.

Far Below- Munich, Germany

However, rest is only for the wicked and those without travel itineraries. As soon as we hit the hotel, we abandoned our things and leaped on public transportation for a tour of Dachau Concentration Camp. The first concentration camp to open before the outbreak of the second world war, it was initially intended for political prisoners and journalists. It was a painful, sobering reminder of how fragile democracy can be and how it must always be fought for.

Taken 5-15-2022

On a lighter note, we ended the evening with a visit to one of the anticipated spots of the trip, the Hofbrauhaus, and a short tour of the city itself. Architectural wonders abound, and I will restrain myself from posting far too many pictures of such things to avoid becoming an architecture blog.