Day 1 Munich, Germany 5/15/22


After a 9hr flight getting into Munich we took a tram to get us to customs, which surprisingly did not take long at all. The airport was not busy at all as it was a Sunday. Throughout the day we navigated by Bus, Train, or Tram. We walked about 7miles today. Throughout our first excursion we went to the Dachau Concentration (Reeducation) Camp. Our tour guide was great! He was very knowledge with both World Wars and provided many statistics. One that stood out to me was the fact that the Concentration camp was designed for 6,000 but there was a point where over 32,000 prisoners were held there. Seeing their living situation in person was very saddening. But, nonetheless a very knowledgable excursion. For our next excursion we went to a very popular dinner place. The restaurant was very loud, filled with music, laughter, and conversation.

Main Gate