Day 1 in Munich-Germany and excursion to Dachau camp of concentration.

After a perfect flight to Munich International Airport, our first impression impression was that the airport wasn’t that busy because it’s Sunday. That reminded us how christianity impacted German society. However, the check in service was smooth. We also discovered a public transportation system of trains and buses that helped us get around even to the historic concentration camp of Dachau. Our tour guide was knowledgeable of the history of Dachau and told how Dachau became a propaganda and reeducation camp after the Great war before becoming a concentration camp where thousands of Jews’ lives were sadly taken during World War II due to antisemitism. So, after our journey back in history at Dachau camp, we ended the day at a famous socialization place in downtown where we had dinner. It was a well-spent day, full of fun surprises and discoveries.

Here are a couple of illustrative pictures: