Nay Naing Last Daty

I was actually dreading today because I hadn’t biked in a while, but once we got going, I didn’t want to stop. Biking through the city was a beautiful and exciting experience that I’m glad I got to do with friends today, and I really enjoyed having the rest of the day to explore. I [...]

Nay Naing Day 6

Today while in Hague, we got the chance to walk throughout the government buildings and even passed by government officials, which locals were surprisingly very casual about. We later made our way to Amsterdam, and to be honest, all of the people and events hitting me at once was a bit anxiety-inducing, but it became [...]

Nay Naing Day 5

I had so much fun with our excursions today, we ran all throughout the place but we were able to see so many new sights across the area. Taking a stroll through the windermills (Kinderdijk) this morning felt like a real dream; the scenery, animals, sounds, and weather all meshed together and made the entire [...]

Nay Naing Day 4

Today we traveled to the Netherlands, and al thought the ride was long, it was really neat to have seen so many different murals and street art throughout all the cities we passed on the way. When we actually got to Rotterdam, it was amazing to have been bombarded by so many different sights from [...]

Nay Naing Day 3

Going into Innsbruck, I didn’t really know much about what to expect or what the town was really known for, so being able travel throughout the Old Town was a great little adventure for me. The entire city was so vibrant with colors and decorations, and the old architecture along with all the modern businesses [...]

Nay Naing Day 2

It was honestly a pretty rough morning for me, but it was actually pretty cool to have been able to get around a bit by myself and just ask people for help because they all made sure that I could get to where I wanted to be. Walking through the town market this afternoon was [...]