Nay Naing Day 5

I had so much fun with our excursions today, we ran all throughout the place but we were able to see so many new sights across the area. Taking a stroll through the windermills (Kinderdijk) this morning felt like a real dream; the scenery, animals, sounds, and weather all meshed together and made the entire experience seem to go by so quick. Being able to see all the animals and feel the wind from the windmills was a great start to the day for me, even if it was an earlier day. We later went to the Rotterdam university and we’re able to meet older college students, which was really great to be able to collaborate with because we could also get to know about each other and our schools. The boat dinner at the end of the night was great, but I think that being able to connect with those other college students from Rotterdam and being able to share exciting stories about each other was definitely my favorite part of the day.