Nay Naing Day 2

It was honestly a pretty rough morning for me, but it was actually pretty cool to have been able to get around a bit by myself and just ask people for help because they all made sure that I could get to where I wanted to be. Walking through the town market this afternoon was a fresh breath of air, and being able to be at such a cultural scene and interact with the different businesses there made the experience feel so unreal. I notice that many people here enjoy just being out in the daylight and enjoying the outside, which was a big difference from how I know many big cities to be, and it was nice seeing such relaxed and social environments in popular areas. My most memorable experience from tonight was definitely the jazz show my friends and I went to; it was a fun and amazing show with such talented musicians, and we even made friends with one of the performers there, so the show became that much better from then. The performance was great and the time spent there was the best way for me to wind down and end the day on a good note.

The Christian Elsasser Jazz Orchestra (above)