Munich Day 2 – A City to Admire

Today was quite a day. I started off the morning by getting breakfast at Cafe California where I tried Apple pancakes. I loved how they do the Apples in different ways – in apple sauce, by making a cooked mix, and in the layers of the pancakes as a frosting. I still have the leftovers and am so excited to polish them off. We’re currently going to eat dinner at a jazz bar – something I’m looking forward to quite a bit. We just ran into a performer while entering. The vibe is quite lowkey, yet high end. Very excited to watch Unterfahrt perform. Earlier today we did a lot of walking and my feet are definitely feeling it. I’m so thankful for all the things I’ve gotten to do this far like buying German chocolates for my friends back home, visiting all the little stores in the Plaza, sifting through the hand painted eggs and learning how the yolk is taken out, and learning about the significance of the Easter egg. Visiting the TUM was a great experience as it was interesting how specific each major is, and realizing the presence of art in each building. It’s industrial theme is quite striking. It’s such a coincidence that the course materials for my lean six sigma course came from the university. Overall, I’m amazed by how helpful and orderly the locals seem to be. Looking forward to what tomorrow has in store!

Class in Front of the Glockenspeil