Day 12

Today is the last day and it was pretty fun. We started by walkthing through the city of delft and then looking at cool historical windmills. Most of the day was preparing to leave and having a last walk through of the city with a steak dinner at the end of the day. 

Day 11

I slept in through an optional tour and instead walked the city on my own. I went shopping and explored the city. I found a Taco Bell which I thought was funny and stopped by a grocery store to get some drinks and then had a bike tour of the ports which was really fun. [...]

Day 10

Today we went to Rotterdam and took a walking tour of the city. It was really interesting we got to see a lot of things and try different foods. We also got to take a boat ride which was cool. 

Day 9

Went on a walking tour of Hamburg and it was pretty cool. We got to see a lot of cool things like the different rivers and shops along the coast. We then went to miniature wonderlands which had a lot of miniature models or different towns and places with working trains and planes with a [...]

Day 8 

Today was a chill day, we started the day with a boat tour of the ports and had time to get lunch in between. At night I went out to a burger restaurant and relaxed for most of the day. 

Day 7

Today we rode a train from Prague to Hamburg which was cool. This was my favorite mode of transportation so far. We got to play cards at one of the tables for most of the ride. After we arrived we went to a tour with beetles stuff. The guide was very quiet so I could [...]

Day 6

Today we had a lunch and then went to skoda. It was a pretty cool museum but we were supposed to visit the factory which would have been way cooler. After we got back a did a bit of shopping and got pizza and went to bed early. Kinda sad to leave Prague because this [...]

Day 5

Today was a really fun day in Prague. Going into this I was a bit hesitant because of warnings on how different it was going to be but today really turned the day around for me. Being more comfortable with the city and layout/feel of the city I got real comfortable. Starting with a guided [...]

Day 4

Today we left Munich and took a bus ride to Prague. Prague uses a different currency than the euro so we needed to convert to it. Starting in Prague we took a few hours to explore before we had our first event. Our event was to go visit an underground nuclear bunker followed by a [...]

Trip Day 3

Today we went to the Bayern Munchen soccer stadium and the went to a biergarten and then went to a bar called kennedys