Day 5

Today was a really fun day in Prague. Going into this I was a bit hesitant because of warnings on how different it was going to be but today really turned the day around for me. Being more comfortable with the city and layout/feel of the city I got real comfortable. Starting with a guided tour of the city I started being able to recognize landmark to navigate through and we got to see a lot of cool buildings. My favorites were the astrological clock tower, old town square, and the Charles bridge which had great views and was the same bridge that was in Spider-Man now way home which I thought was really cool. After this me and a couple of people went to a pretty American feeling place called fat cats. Near we saw a shop that sold mechanical pocket watches that were really cool and we all got some and I got a couple for a gift. I was hanging out at the hotel for an hour and a half before we went to dinner at a cool place where I got a bacon burger and had drinks delivered on a train like pizza king. I ended up going to a cool bar with some people nearby called monkey bar. After this we went to a bar I don’t remember the name of that was really cool and had live music and some other American students we talked to.