Day 8

One of my favorite experiences of the trip so far was cycling around the city! It was so exciting to go on the escalator with our bikes and riding as fast as we could in the tunnel. After our morning bike ride, we went to a small cafe. We had a cheese board of various [...]

Day 7

Today we rode the train/bus to Amsterdam! I had no expectations of what the city would be like. I was surprised to see all the canals. After the tour of the art museum and arriving to the city, we rode along the canals and saw the various types of architecture. My favorite part of today [...]

Day 5

Today we went to see an old historic town of the Netherlands and walked through the beautiful streets. My favorite part of today was meeting the college students and learning more about their culture. i was surprised to find out a lot of commonalities between the US and Netherlands. I also loved seeing the windmills!

Day 4

Today we left Munich and travelled by train to the Netherlands. It was really neat to see the beautiful countryside along the train ride while playing card games. After arriving in Rotterdam, we took a food tour around the city. I enjoyed each snack we ate. I was skeptical to try peanut sauce with fries, [...]

Day 3

Today we travelled by bus to the beautiful Innsbruck. I was in awe by the colorful buildings all stacked together framed by the gigantic Alps. It almost seemed like a filter was placed on the city today because everything was cast in an orange-yellow glow due to a weather pattern. My favorite part of the [...]

Day 2

Even though my group leaving from Indianapolis to Washington had a stressful airport setback, we were able to jump right into today's exciting activities! First, we arrived at the hotel to quickly change out of our delayed travel clothes and into walking shoes. I had no expectations of how the day would go, I was [...]