Day 2

Even though my group leaving from Indianapolis to Washington had a stressful airport setback, we were able to jump right into today’s exciting activities! First, we arrived at the hotel to quickly change out of our delayed travel clothes and into walking shoes. I had no expectations of how the day would go, I was just excited to be in Europe and experiencing new things. I had read so much about Germany in history books that it was magical to finally see it all firsthand. My favorite part of the day was wandering around the Glockenspiel area. Attached is a picture of a fun timer cam from behind the clock tower! For dinner, we went to Hofbrauhaus. I was surprised that I liked my meal because I was a bit nervous to try the new foods but I really enjoyed the experience. By the end of the day, I felt that I now know my way around Germany better. I am looking forward to our next excursions!