Munic Day 2 JVieth


            Today I went on a bus tour of the city. We visited the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace, the English Garden, the BMW Museum/Welt, the Olympic Yard, and the Munic Residenz. The scale and symmetry of the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace amazed me. I was very impressed with the gardens more than anything. The English garden was a nice park. I absolutely loved the smell of wild garlic that lined the trails. We also visited the Marienplatz for glockenspiel at this time and watched the bells go off at 6pm. The architecture is so defined and beautiful on the building. I then went to the market and had a Bratwurst with sauerkraut and hazel nut ice cream (picture 2).

Now I am personally not a huge car fan or BMW fan at that, I see cars more as tools and I don’t view BMW as attractive, and more importantly, reliable/quality tools. However, I did admire the futuristic architecture of the building and the tech behind their EV models. I soon left the BMW musiem and headed to the Olympic park with Tanner. We walked all around the park and decided to climb the hill at the end of the park (picture 3 and 4). We lost track of time and had to run down the decent of the hill, through Olympic Park, and back to the BMW museum ¾ a mile to catch up with our group. I loved it, Tanner got mad and sweaty.

The scale of the Munic Residenz is hard to imagine and the wealth behind it is impressive. There were many beautiful rooms covered in gold and art. My favorite art was the statures in the beginning, where you could see the emotion in his face. (picture 1)

This was the day I truly got to appreciate Munich’s transportation network. Every street provides bike lanes. I walked, took a bus, took a train, took a trolly throughout the city. They don’t have multi lain street road hybrids like we have back home. There are roads that have multiple lanes and travel fast, uninterruptedly. Then the roads branch off to very narrow, low speed streets that prioritize people over vehicles. Also people love laying down on there horns here all the time.  I wish I had the time to rent a bike and ride all around town. There were so many cites to see and unique architecture to take in.

Later traveled the city searching for a pool table, wine, and food. We only found food, everywhere else was closed. We then went to a local bar and left for the hotel way too late. I only took 2 wrong trains this day and walked 14 miles!

*pics will be updated in a later post