Munic Day 1 JVieth


           I left the Indianapolis airport very anxious about flying for the first time (pic 1). I ran through every scenario that could have went wrong at the airport. I did not even know which door to walk through and my girlfriend had to get out of her vehicle and point me the right way. I managed to get my bags checked and went through security without any issues. I was still very nervous, so one of my friends bought me my favorite local beer (Weemac by Sunking).  

There was one last hurdle I needed to leap, and that was my motion sickness. The first flights was 2 hours long and I got very, very sick. In preparation for the 8 hour flight to munic, I took many motion sickness precautions and the flight went well. I was not able to sleep and watched 2 batman movies and The Amazing Spiderman. We even got two full meals at the beginning and end of the flights.

We arrived at the Munich airport at 7am and took the train into town, arriving at the Munic Central Train station(pic 2). First thing I ate in Germany was a pretzel. I would learn that you could throw a rock in Munich and hit either a pretzel or bratwurst shop.

Our first excursion on the trip was to the Dachau Concentration Camp (pic 3). After this we went to the Hofbräuhaus where I was disappointed to not be able to enjoy a bratwurst or schnitzel, but the delicious beer made up for it ((the roast beef was still very delicious). I then ended the day walking through the city and returning to the hotel.

*if pictures dont upload I will make an additional post another day

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Dachau Concentration Camp 1933–1945 - KZ Gedenkstätte Dachau