Last day

Today we wrote today was our last day in Europe. We went on a bike tour for 3 hours around the ports and learned a lot about how commerce works in Rotterdam and Europe. It was really cool to see all of the huge container ships. I cannot believe that it cost $11,000 per day [...]

Day 6: Amsterdam

In the morning, we traveled to the Hague and toured around the city center. Then, we went to the art museum and got to see great paintings with the historical perspective. After that we traveled to Amsterdam and toured around several streets and went shopping. I then went on the boat touring and got to [...]

Day 3: Rotterdamn

Today we went to Delft. The city was amazing. It was great to see the historic town and churches. Additionally, the food was great. I ad a great time at the Eramus University doing the competition. The dinner was by far the best one yet. Today, was great.

Day 3: Traveling to Rotterdam

Today, we left Munich, Germany and traveled to Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was a long train ride and was around 8 hours. It was great to see the amazing scenery and how the style of buildings changed the farther away from Germany we got. I have never been on a train outside the US, so it [...]

Day 2:Innsbruck

Today, we went to Innsbruck Austria. It is in the foothills of the Alps. We took a bus from Munich to Innsbruck and it was about a two and a half hour ride. As we drove we could slowly see the mountains and it was a beautiful sight. Innsbruck was a amazing town to see [...]

Day 1- Munich

Today, we were very busy touring around Munich. Our flight landed at 7:30 and we were on our first tour at 10am of Munich. We did a walking tour where we got to popular sites around Munich as well as visit a local market. After, we went to the BMV showroom. It is the largest [...]