Day 7: Rotterdam Journey Warner

The morning bicycle tour was a great way to cover a lot of ground around the ports of Rotterdam. Being able to see the true scale of the largest port in Europe was staggering! The traffic was hectic at times, but very manageable (especially compared to Amsterdam). Walking around the city the rest of the [...]

Day 6: Journey Warner

Today we saw the haugue and Amsterdam. Seeing government officials in the city was so interesting, and going through famous paintings was a great way to see some European culture. Amsterdam was incredibly busy but it was so fun to see the iconic sights.

Day 5: Rotterdam Journey Warner

Today we went on a lovely tour of Delft. Seeing the iconic canals was a bucketlist item, and seeing the entire city after walking 350+ stairs in a church was so rewarding (the view is attached below). Then, we had a really fun Tesla case challenge that reminded me of Tanoos' HONR299. It was fun [...]

Day 4: train to Rotterdam Journey Warner

Today we took a long train from Munich to Rotterdam. Aside from a couple connections, the hours of seamless German and Dutch countryside were enjoyable to observe what life is really like in Europe. Rotterdam has already exceeded all my expectations and I can't wait to see the city in the daylight. The snacks we [...]

Day 3: Innsbruck and Munich Journey Warner

Seeing the Austrian Alps for the first time was an incredible experience that I've looked forward to for many years. The 500+ year old buildings were beautiful, and that beauty was only intensified by the stunning mountain scenery surrounding the valley. The pizza and chocolate I got were the cherry on top of a great [...]

Day 2 Munich: Journey Warner

Today was an incredibly scenic walking tour through the city center. Being able to learn the history of such a storied city inspires me to travel more. Walking through the Olympic village and the BMW showroom was a great insight into more recent culture and commerce in the city. Lovely day!

Day 1: Munich Journey Warner

The concentration camp tour was extremely well led and very eye opening to the intricacies of Dachau. The pure scale of the camp was surprising, especially knowing it operated at over 6 times the normal capacity. It is apparent that this education is crucial to ensure such an atrocity never happens again.