Europe Trip Day 12

On the 12th day we decided to take a trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very bizarre and unique place compared to the US. The trip as a whole will be something I will remember for a very long time and hope to visit these countries again in the future.

Europe trip Day 11

On the eleventh day of the trip we went to Hague and got to see the Netherlands version of capital hill. The city is very similar to Amsterdam with its architecture. After Hague, we did the bike tour which was really cool. Other than the food tour, the bike tour was my favorite. Once the [...]

Europe Trip Day 10

On Day 10 we traveled to Rotterdam, Netherlands. The train ride was a little hectic but handled good considering there is 26 of us. Once we arrived to our hotel we went to check out the apartments shaped like cubes. The architecture in Rotterdam is very unique. The way the city is laid out and [...]

Europe Trip Day 9

On the ninth day in Europe we are in Hamburg, Germany. Today we went on a walking tour through the city. We went to an old church, which was absolutely immaculate in the inside. It was breathtaking. We got a glimpse of what it would sound like during a service when I guy was rehearsing [...]

Europe Trip Day 8

This was our second day in Hamburg. We went on a boat tour and got to see the port. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday so little action was going on in the port itself, but it was cool to see how Hamburg operates with the locks and different boats. After the boat tour we met [...]

Europe Trip Day 7

On the 7th day we traveled to Hamburg, Germany. we took a train, which I have never taken all the way here from Prague. . once we arrived in Hamburg we took a tour of the Beatles history.

Europe Trip Day 6

On the 6th day in Europe we are still in Prague. We went and had lunch as a group with a pretty cool setting. we were in the basement of the building. after lunch we had a little time before we went to a car manufacturer called Skoda.

Europe Trip Day 5

On the fifth day, or our second day in Prague we took a walking tour. The most interesting thing was the communist museum where we saw a lot of history during that time. once we finished that we went to the Charles Bridge.

Europe Trip Day 4

On the fourth day of the trip we traveled to Prague, Czech Republic. once we arrive in Prague we went to a Cold War Bunker. we learned the history through Prague on the bunker and its uses. after the bunker we checked out the night life in Prague.

Europe Trip Day 3

After going to the Munich soccer stadium and having some free time after, we went to the Augustiner Keller Restaurant. The soccer stadium was super cool. Even though soccer is not one of my favorite sports, it was really interesting to see the history.