Rotterdam Day 3

It was the last full day today and I had a really good time. I enjoyed the tour of Delft and the windmills. The architecture in all of Rotterdam is really fascinating. The windmills were also interesting as they have been around for so many years. I am exploring Amsterdam as well and am very [...]

Rotterdam day 2

I had a great day today in Rotterdam. I was able to learn a lot from the lean 6 sigma presentation. It was really eye opening to see how effective it can be to solve problems. I also had a great time on the bike tour seeing the port and the harbor.

Rotterdam Day 1

I had a great time today trying new food and exploring the city. I also enjoyed meeting the people from erasmus. I can’t wait to keep exploring and am excited for the upcoming days.

Hamburg Day 3

I had a great time today walking around Hamburg. I got to try cool food and see a lot of new things. I enjoyed the architecture in Hamburg and walking around the city. I am excited to explore Rotterdam and see new things.

Hamburg Day 2

I had a great time at the boat tour today and going to the prototype museum. The boats I saw were so much bigger than what I expected. The cars were also very interesting and were cool to see in person. Exploring the city at night was also cool to see.

First day in hamburg

My first day in Hamburg was a lot of fun besides the seven hour train ride to get here. I really enjoyed exploring and trying the local street food. I also really enjoyed the miniature wonderland. I can’t believe someone spent all the time and effort to make them.

Prague day 3

I had a good time at the skoda factory looking at how the vehicles are produced. I also explored the city and tried new foods. I had a great time and am ready to start exploring Hamburg.

Prague Day 2

I had a great time today exploring the city today. The astronomical clock was very cool to see in person. I also enjoyed visiting the castle and seeing the city from such a high point. The views were insane. The churches we visited were also massive and it’s crazy to think they were built such [...]

First day in Prague

I had a great first day in Prague. I really enjoyed the communist bunker tour. I learned a lot about the culture of Prague. I also enjoyed waking around the city and exploring Prague. Can’t wait to explore more.

Last Day in Munich

I had a great time today going to BMW and to FC Bayern. I have never been a huge soccer fan but now I definitely have a team to root for. I did not realize how big soccer stadium truly are. Working at BMW made going on the Munich plant tour so much cooler as [...]