Last day in Rotterdam

In our Last day in Rotterdam we took a trip to Delft, a beautiful historical town 30 mins away from Rotterdam. The city was gorgeous and the art around town. Later Kinderdijk to visit their windmills. A form of renewable energy that his been around for hundreds of years that started in The Netherlands. I [...]

Rotterdam day 2

Today we learned about lean six sigma from the lean six sigma company. It was very informative especially since I plan on getting on certified in the future. Later in the day we took a bike tour of the Rotterdam ports. Learning about the history of Dutch imports and exports and how all connects to [...]

Rotterdam Day 1

Our first day in Rotterdam which is another port town was so fun. We took a food tour which allowed us to learn about the many multicultural cuisines within the city. Rotterdam is also a city that loves its art and architecture, the many different art installations and styles of architecture is a site to [...]

Final Day in Hamburg

We finally toured the city of Hamburg and learned it's the history of it's ports and how it became the top 3rd port within Europe. We explored it's rivers and walked through centers learning about each area and roll they played in Hamburg's history. Hamburg is a very beautiful city and like most I do [...]

Hamburg Day 2

Today we explored the ports of Hamburg. Learning about the role that Hamburg plays in Germany's economy and how the sea shaped it's culture. From food to boats to jobs and more, Hamburg's culture, people and economy is just like many island towns but still has it's own unique and lovely twist.

Hamburg Day 1

After a long train ride we finally made it to Hamburg. We visited a nice museum that was filled with miniature models of major cities around the world. The exhibit was beautiful it was intriguing and it made me wonder just how much effort and time was put into making it.

Prague Day 2 (May 18 2023)

Today we took a tour of the museum of communism and most of Prague. Prague is a beautiful city and I enjoyed all of the sites and insight into their tradition and history dating back all the way to the year 800. I would love to come back to Prague and really soak up the [...]

Prague Day 1 (5/17/2023)

Today was the first day in the beautiful city of Prague. I got the pleasure of learning about the history of Prague in relations with WWII and the Cold War by visiting a Cold War bunker in the city's Centre. The history of Czechia and it history with it's surrounding countries throughout the past century [...]

Last Day in Munich (May 15, 2023)

Today was our last day in Munich. It was good I was able to see the Allianz stadium that hosted the first NFL game in Germany. I also got very acquainted with the Munich rail system so that would be of great use when I come back on my own time. The dinner was also [...]

Munich day 2 (May 15, 2023)

Today, I got to experince the wonders of Bavarian history by visiting the resident palace in Munich. I loved it, the architecture was beautiful, the history was lovely and our tour guide, Dr. Frank, was awesome!!! I got to learn about the political history of Munich and Bavaria and the way their royals once lived. [...]