Day 7 – Rotterdam Harbor Bike Tour – Dylan Vergara

Today is our last day before heading back to the USA. We had one last tour activity, a bike tour of the Rotterdam Harbor. To start the bike tour, we first learned about Dutch biking etiquette, such as right of way and passing rules. After getting off the biking entrance, we embarked on a tour [...]

Day 6 – The Hague and Amsterdam – Dylan Vergara

Just like yesterday, we started the day early today to take a trip outside Rotterdam. We boarded a metro train bounded for the Hague. The Hague is the seat of government of the Netherlands. The monarchy, parliament, ministers, and embassies are all located in the Hague. Amsterdam is the capital written in law, but the [...]

Day 5 – Delft, Kinderdijk, and Erasmus University – Dylan Vergara

Today started considerably early. Almost immediately after waking up, we boarded a bus to go to another city in the Netherlands. We went to Delft, a historic city older than Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In Delft, I saw the traditional Dutch architecture, as well as the numerous canals within the city. The Dutch buildings are smaller [...]

Day 4 – Train Ride & Rotterdam – Dylan Vergara

Today we left Munich and Germany to head to a new country and city, Rotterdam in the Netherlands. However, to get there, we had to take an 8-hour long train ride that took up most of our day. During the train ride, I noticed we passed by several major German cities that I saw out [...]

Day 3 – Visiting Austria – Dylan Vergara

Today was incredibly neat. To start off, we boarded a bus to go down to Innsbruck. Along the way, we experienced the iconic German Autobahn. The German Autobahn system resembles the American Interstate System, as they are both networks of high speed roads connecting major cities and locations around the country. However, there are several [...]

Day 2 – Munich City Tour – Dylan Vergara

Today was definitely better than yesterday. To start off, every member of the group ended up finally arriving after the long delay in DC for the Indy to DC group. Once we all arrived l, ate breakfast, and grouped together, we began a long tour of the center of Munich. We started with the glockenspiel [...]

Day 1: An Interesting Start – Dylan Vergara

Today was an interesting start to the trip, to say the least. I flew out of O'Hare Airport, as did several other groupmates and Dr. Reg. However, a decent portion of my groupmates flew out of Indianapolis, expected a connection to DC, and then would fly to Munich. This group got caught in a snowstorm [...]