Day 2 – Munich City Tour – Dylan Vergara

Today was definitely better than yesterday. To start off, every member of the group ended up finally arriving after the long delay in DC for the Indy to DC group. Once we all arrived l, ate breakfast, and grouped together, we began a long tour of the center of Munich. We started with the glockenspiel at the New City Hall on Marienplatz, where we heard music from the bells and saw the figures on top of the tower dancing. This was a unique experience, especially learning that there were actual people operating the bells and figures in the tower. Afterwards, we then explored more of Marienplatz and the old city center, including the Old City Hall, St. Peter’s Church, and the market in the center of the city. Our tour guide then talked about the historical significance of these sites and their role in shaping the culture of Munich.

The old city hall of Munich, with the new city hall behind it.

After touring the city center, we boarded the U-Bahn to head to the Olympiapark and the BMW Gallery. It was incredibly neat to see the venues of the 1972 Summer Olympics, as well as BMW cars.

Olympiapark in Munich

We then toured the Technical University of Munich. In the university, we got to see the layout of a German university, as well as what it’s like as a student. I learned that in university in Germany, there is one exam that determines if you pass a class or not, and that there are no midterms. Likewise, you do not have to retake classes if you fail the exam, but you still have to retake the exam. Additionally I learned that the other campuses of the university are treated just as equally as the nominal main campus of the university.

A hallway in the Technical University of Munich.

I had an educational and enjoyable day in Munich, overall.

  • Dylan Vergara