Day 12 – Rotterdam – 05/25/2023

Today is the final day of excursions and we were able to visit the town of Delft and the Kinderdijk windmills. One interesting thing I learned was that Delft and many other cities/towns in the Netherlands love to have open air markets. They have all sorts of food and shops that one can go to [...]

Day 11 – 05/24/2023 – Rotterdam

Today we had the wonderful experience of a bicycle tour! It was so fun to ride around the city in bicycles along with doing it in a convenient fashion. It is so interesting how different life is for cyclists in America compared to here in Rotterdam. This aspect of Dutch culture was very amazing to [...]

Day 10 – Rotterdam – 05/23/2023

Today was our first day in Rotterdam and we kicked it off with a food tour. We tried out Dutch snacks that were extremely delicious. In my opinion, the foods of a city can tell you quite a bit about the culture and vibe of the city. I always love trying new foods so this [...]

Day 9 – Hamburg – 05/22/2023

Today is the last full day we have in Germany. We were able to tour the city’s most significant locations and learn about the background of the city. Hamburg faced an unfortunate fate during the world war and since then has built itself back up to become one of the most important port cities in [...]

Day 8 – Hamburg – 05/21/2023

Today we had a boat tour around the beautiful port of Hamburg along with a walking tour of the Reeperbahn. I enjoyed being able to tour the city’s port by boat because it was scenic and it saved us the walking. After these activities were finished a group of us went to a U-boot museum [...]

Day 7 – Hamburg – 05/20/2023

Today we took a bullet train from Prague to Hamburg. On the train, I had the chance to speak to several different people from Germany about many different things. This was an amazing experience because I learned so much and was able to practice my German. Once in Hamburg, we went to the Miniature Wonderland, [...]

Day 6 – Prague – 05/19/2023

Today’s excursion included going to a Skoda car manufacturing factory as well as visiting the Skoda museum. After that, I visited the technology museum of Prague and viewed their exhibits. I enjoyed this museum because I was able to learn about Prague’s history and who their important technological figures are.

Day 5 – Prague – 05/18/2023

Today’s activity consisted of a city walking tour! I got the chance to see all the beautiful sights there are to see around Prague. After this walking tour, I dined at a couple of local restaurants that were extremely delicious. The food and sights in Prague are nothing like anything I have ever seen.

Day 4 – Prague – 05/17/2023

Today we left the beautiful city of Munich to Prague via bus. We experienced the speedy Autobahn on the way here. Once here, we toured a communist nuclear bunker from the Cold War. I love military history so this was an absolutely wonderful learning experience and one that I will definitely always remember! Prague has [...]

Day 3 – Munich – 05/16/2023

Today's excursions in Munich consisted of a visit to FC Bayern's Allianz Arena as well as a trip to the BMW factory that was nearby. Being able to see the way Germany embraces its favorite sports teams was very interesting experience, especially considering that this kind of football is not a very popular sport in [...]