Today we went to the Bayern Munich stadium and got to see the players lockers and the field. Then we went to the concentration camp, Dachau. It was a very somber and sad place to see where some of the saddest moments in history occurred. I am deeply grateful for the experience and getting to [...]


Today we visited the BMW showroom and museum. We got to see all of their cars and new technology. Some students visited the olympic village and stadiums too. After we had free time and I visited the marienplatz and tried traditional food.


Yesterday we toured the Mercedes Benz factory and got to see all the different models of their cars. We then took a bus to Reutlingen and got a tour of the city. We saw the worlds most narrow street and got to visit the local college. Then we all got dinner as a group and [...]

Day 3

Today we toured the Mercedes Benz factory and we got to see all the different vehicles that they make. We then took the train to Reutlingin and saw the local university. Then we got to sit in and listen to a class and learn more in depth about how different countries produce their cars.

Day 2

As two separate groups we toured the Porsche factory and explored the city of Stuttgart. We took a bus tour in the morning and learned a lot about the city. For dinner we tried a German burger restaurant and bonded as a group in the hotel lounge at the end of the day.

Day 1 Stuttgart

Today when I arrived in Stuttgart early Sunday morning I walked around the hotel and surrounding area to explore. I ate Italian food with another group member and visited their local stores. Then as a group we took a guided tour of city and went to dinner. Then we witnessed an exciting Purdue win over [...]