Last Day in Munich

Today is the last day we will be in Munich. It has been a very fulfilling trip after all. All the group gathered together and had a fantastic dinner at the Ratskeller Restaurant at the central square in Munich. In the morning, we got a chance to visit the Munich Royal Palace with a guide, and it was amazing to see the historical palace embedded with the fancy decorations. Munich also has a interesting history on royals, I learned that Munich produced a Price(king) for the region for only three years. And the palace was built and expended because of this occasion. The owner of the palace became an important Duke afterwards and I can see how he had great ambitions.

In terms of our dinner I think it was fantastic. We were able to gather again all together and reflect on our entire Germany trip. My biggest take away is from the Reutlingen University visit, it was surprisingly good. My favorite part of the trip is no doubt the group. Our group made the trip worthwhile. We had so much fun and also learned a lot through out the trip.