Munich Day 3 (Last Day!)

Our final day was a somber day as I felt like none of us really wanted to depart, but at the same time we were ready to get home to show others the spoils of this trip and what we gained from it. Touring the palace was really amazing as it showed not only the rich history but also how the country took pride in remodeling it and having it on display in its whole glory. They take great pride in preserving the palace which is something that I found out when I leaned on a bust and they got angry with me. It goes to show that Germans take pride in everything that they do and have on display. With that another thing that showed german pride was our dinner when the other Germans celebrated with us and for us when we ended off with a prost. To that end, I really do want to thank the professors and the students who went on this trip and helped everyone navigate Bavaria and what it had to offer it was a trip that I will never forget. Mia san Mia