Day 2 Munich Germany 5/16/2022

Colton Newton

The group visited multiple locations today including Nymphenburg Palace, English Garden Park, Glockenspiel, BMW world, Olympic Stadium, & Munich Palace. A much packed day and a wide variety of history and culture from old to new.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace is the 300 year old home for the Bavarian Kings(Wittelsbach family). It is still inhabited by the family to this day as an office. There was a time however where the state removed them and took their land when Nazi became the ruling party for Germany. Miraculously the palace went undamaged by the bombings in the 2nd World War that destroyed 60% of Munich.

The whole palace is designed in Baroque style where everything must be symmetrical. As seen in the pictures below all matches from one side to another.

Nymphenburg Palace is a fabulous place to visit and the best part is that it is completely open to the public as a park. While touring it was amazing to see people out on morning jogs moving through this beautiful area. If I lived here I would be there everyday to run or bike.