Hamburg Day 8-Dominic Gastaldi

Today in Hamburg, we took a boat tour of the port and saw how large it really was. We also saw how large of a ship it could accommodate, some of the shipping craft were massive! Halfway through our tour, we stopped at an Automobile Prototype museum. Inside the were a variety of prototypes that never made it to production, but set the wheels in motion to a build similar production model. There was quite a bit of history to the cars. Unfortunately, with so much to see and not a lot of time to see them, I just took lots of pictures and didn’t really learn history. After a quick bite to eat, we finished our boat tour, and went for a tour of how the Beatles, became the Beatles. We went to their first accommodations in Hamburg, a tiny cinema, the first four clubs they played at, some of the places where the photos of some their album cover’s where taken, and their favorite pub. We then went back to the hotel and then a few of us went out to dinner at a Middle East Restaurant.

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