Day 8 Max Murray

Another fun day. Got up early and went the fish market. Was going to go with some of the other guys but got up too late and decided to go it alone. It was a fun experience exploring the city and market on my own. After I went on the boat tour, Proto Museum, Beatles tower, and then walked around the city for a bit. The boat tour was really cool. It was amazing getting up close to such massive boats and then learning about the history of Hamburg. The Proto Museum had a cool selection of vintage Porsches. Then the Beatles tour was unexpectedly awesome. I definitely have a new found respect for who they are and where they came from. During the city pur after hours exploration of the city I went to the top of St. Micheals Church with a couple other students. It was amazing seeing the sun set from such a high point above the city. According to my watch I clocked in over 30,000 steps today

-Max Murray

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