Trip Day 7:

Today was such a fun day! We went on a bike tour around the ports of Rotterdam. It was the most fun tour we have done so far. The tour guide told us about the business side of the ports and how it all operated. Afterwards we went to a cute little cafe and had [...]

Trip Day 6:

Today was a really fun day! We first went to an art museum and we were able to learn more about the culture and history of the Netherlands. Then we went to Amsterdam and got to see a mix between old town culture and new life. Overall it was a great day of learning and [...]

Trip Day 5:

Today was really fun! We went to Delft in the morning and the town was so cute! It was an old style kind-of-town, and it was neat to see the difference between this and the more modern Rotterdam. Afterwards, we visited the windmills and then we got to meet some students from the university. It [...]

Trip Day 4:

Today was a long travel day finishing with a food tour in Rotterdam. The food tour was amazing, my favorite being the mini pancakes. Rotterdam is really pretty with a lot of neat buildings and restaurant centers. it is a very modern city with a lot of history.

Trip Day 3:

Today we visited Innsbruck, Austria. The old town was very cute and it was a lot of fun to see a different culture. The architecture of the buildings is one of Innsbruck's neatest features. The alps in the background made it even more special. At the end of the day we had a nice dinner [...]

Trip Day 2:

Today was really fun! A lot of steps, but it was great to see the culture of Germany. We visited Marienplatz and was able to be there during Glockenspiel. We also visited Olympic park and we were able to go into BMW's show room! Overall, the day was filled with learning about the history of [...]

Trip: Day 1

Today was great! First day jitters made it kind of stressful, but in the end it was great. We started off the day (once we landed in Germany) by visiting the Dachau concentration camp. That was a real eye-opener, and its impact is something I will never forget. Learning the details and history of this [...]