Rotterdam Day 3

Today is our last day of the study abroad. I am very upset that it has to be over already, and I have to say that it was some of he most fun I’ve had ever. Today we went to a small town and got to climb to the top of a church constructed in [...]

Rotterdam Day 2

Today we woke up and went to the Hague, which was super cool to see. We went to an art museum and got to see some very rare paintings. We came back to Rotterdam and went to purchase some soccer jerseys for the local team and got lunch. We had a bike tour of the [...]

Rotterdam Day 1

Today we woke up and travelled from Hamburg to Rotterdam. We got here and I was immediately taken away by how clean and beautiful this city is. We got the the hotel, unpacked and went to explore for a little bit. We went to a large shopping area and had a food tour that was [...]

Hamburg day 3

Today we woke up and went on a walking tour of Hamburg. Today we got to see all of the best parts of the city, which was very nice. We then went to see a cathedral that was destroyed in WWII. The best part of the day, and arguably the best part of Hamburg, was [...]

Hamburg day 2

Today we went on a boat tour of the harbor, and it was very fun. We rode the boat all through the harbor and eventually stopped to eat lunch. While we stopped some of us went into the maritime museum. This was incredible and showed the history of sailing and boating in the world. After [...]

Hamburg Day 1

Today we woke up fairly early and took the train to Hamburg. We saw some of the most beautiful country side that I have ever seen. When we arrived we immediately checked in and went and got some food, then we went on a Beatles tour which was pretty interesting.

Prague Day 6

This morning was spent doing some logistical work for the trip. I went and did some laundry, and came back and met the group for a group lunch. We then rode a coach bus to a town about an hour away from Prague, and went to see the Skoda Factory. This was a very cool [...]

Prague Day 5

We woke up and went on a walking tour of the city, it was very beautiful. We went to the communism museum and then to the old town square. We got to eat lunch and watch the clock strike 12. Then to the Charles bridge which was amazing. After that a group of us split [...]

Prague day 4

Today we rode on the bus to Prague, and saw some of the most beautiful country side I’ve ever seen. We got to Prague and I immediately set my stuff in the room and went exploring by myself. I have been to Prague once before and it is easily my favorite place in Europe. I [...]

Munich day 3

Today we went on a tour of the Munich Soccer Team. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life. After that me and a few people went to a local beer garden and ate lunch. After that we went to a local supermarket and the mercedes dealership, which was huge. then we had [...]