BMW tour was great. However, we seriously need to do a better job making the trip schedules and booking a place that at least is comfortable to stay in. Check out this hotel that we’re staying in Munich, look at how close and small the two beds are. Is this seriously something that you would want to spend 3 nights with another person with? The whole room is super small and the bathroom is smaller than the one in the train. I was told when I booked this trip that we will stay at 3 star or better hotels, but this Ibis is a 2 star. Sorry for keep on going about living conditions, but I really do care very much about places that I will sleep at, and I really do care very much about the bubble of personal space.

The trip schedule needs some improvement as well. On day 3 when we’re at Mercedes factory, we’re already half way from Stuttgart to Reutlingen, and from factory to Reutlingen it is only 20 mins drive. We booked the coach to factory, but somehow after that, the trip plan was to take the coach for 20 mins back to stuttgart and take the train to Reutlingen, where we could have just take the coach there and it’s going to save us more than 2 hours. And from Reutlingen to Munich, the train is from Reutlingen to stuttgart first, and then connection train to Munich, which the connection is only 7 mins. This apparently shouldn’t be planned this way as 7 mins from platform 3 to 16, for a group this large, isn’t enough itself, let alone the possible delay of the first train. Luckily, the second train was delayed so we all made it, but still, this shouldn’t be planned this way. I really hope we can find a travel agent that really knows what’s going on in Europe, and really knows how group travel works, and I really hope that the schedule is made more tentative so that when we spot something that doesn’t make sense on the itinerary, we take actions to make things right.