Day 3

Day 3 was filled with great inspiration. We began the day with a tour of the Mercedes-Benz plant, the company’s largest in the world.
I have completed internships in the automotive industry before, but have seen nothing like the factory before. It was a sign that I have picked the right degree plan. Seeing the factory in action inspired to continue the pursuit of my dreams, and shows me they are indeed achievable.

After the tour, the group took a train to Reutlingen. It was here where we connected with the local university. After an interesting and informative tour of the city’s rich history, we attended a lecture by one of the local professors.

At Purdue, I have been taught principles of lean manufacturing and inventory reduction. In Europe, however, the market and manufacturing needs is different. In the States, companies build to stock, as payment occurs after assembly. In Europe, on the other hand, payment comes before assembly, due to the increase variability and focus on customization.

I am excited to learn more tomorrow when we complete training, lectures, and activities at Reutlingen University.