Day 2: Stuttgart

During our first full day in Stuttgart, we took a sightseeing bus around the city. We went through the main central area, as well as the hills and brick building district. It was interesting because a lot of us mentioned the architecture reminded us of San Francisco, since both parts of the cities are built on hills. A personal highlight for me was seeing Mercedes Benz Arena, home of VFB Stuttgart, the local soccer team. We then had some street food for lunch, including Pretzel #1 in Germany (6.6/10) and then boarded the metro to go to the Porsche factory. We saw the assembly lines of the 911 and Taycan, which were both really cool to see in action. I was really interested in the assembly line process and the specialization of each of the jobs. It felt like it moved at a slower pace, which allows for the quality over quantity methods of Porsche. I had burgers with Alex, Quinn, Tommy, and Joey for dinner and then we walked around a mall in Stuttgart. It was a super fun and tiring day and I look forward to Mercedes Benz and Reutlingen tomorrow.