Nay Naing Day 1

It was honestly pretty nerve-wracking coming to Europe alone, especially since it was my first time, but I was relieved to have been able to meet up with the others when I got to Munich. Munich is actually much different than I thought it’d be, there’s a really good mix of traditional and modern aspects all throughout the city that seem to compliment each other so walking through the city and being able to see such amazing models/architecture was quite an immersive experience for me. The Dachau tour was definitely one of my highlights of today, the tour guide did a great job at making sure everything I knew about it wasn’t exactly right. I learned about how it was still a terrible, but different kind of horror than I thought, and this tour really helped me better understand just how much influence and power the Nazis had over everyone and everything at the time, showing the complexity of their systems. (P.S. this is Nay and it’s my picture down below but I am not signed up as an admin to post on here yet, sorry)

Memorial Sculpture at Dachau Which Represents the Victims that Chose Death Over Prolong Torture (above)