Prague Day 6

Today, we tour the Skoda factory. After breakfast, we hung out till 12:40 when our bus was supposed to pick us up. Unfortunately, the driver got the wrong hotel, so we were about 30 minutes late to the factory. Upon arrival, we were taken to the actual factory as we stopped at museum first. Since we were late to begin with, the tour was very short, but we were still able to see how the cars were built with manual labor once the frames were put together and painted. The manual labor seemed different than the labor done at the BMW plant, more focused on speed than quality. What surprised me the most, was that they utilized line following robots that delivered cartons of parts to certain workers that needed them. I was really cool. We got to look at the showroom which housed several different models as well as the museum that gave us the history of the brand. That was when I learned that Volkswagon, Skoda, Audi and another brand I can’t remember are all part of the same company. We watched a video of Skoka’s history that was quite informative. We then left the plant for the hotel. When we got there, Matt and I decided to go off the beaten path in Prague to find dinner. We ate at a bar that was hidden to tourists and it was pretty good. We got Gelato and walked around for a bit before coming back to the hotel. Another great day.

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